AgriMono Double Vertical Auger Mixer Wagons are designed to provied mixed rations for every farm.
AgriMono Double Vertical Auger Feeder Mixers are easy to use and  budget friendly products. These model feeder mixers are best for farmers requiring a simple and functional machine in compact sizes.

The modular design of AgriMono Double Vertical Auger Mixer Wagon allows you to choose different building configurations; with distribution on the Right Side, on the left side or front discharging belt right and/or rear left.
The vertical auger which is equipped with tungsten coated knives guarantees exceptional mixing quality and can chop fodder into small fibres required by smaller ruminants (i.e. goats and sheep).
With the wired direct controls you are able to control entire machine from the tractor cab.

AgriMono “DOUBLE VERTICAL AUGER” Feeder Mixer Wagons  capacity starting from 12 m3 goes up to 26 m3.
AgriMono Feeder  Mixers have following optional features;  Weighing Scale, Discharge Conveyor Belt, Self Hydraulic Unit, Rear Loader Bucket, Electronic Command Unit.

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► 12 m3 – 26 m3 Double Vertical Auger Feed Mixer

Technical Specifications

12 m3 – 26 m3 Double Vertical Auger Feed Mixer