AgriMono Feeder Mixer Trailers are designed to fulfill all your needs in your farm.
With its special LOW BODY TYPE, AgriMono Feeder Mixers are meant to work in old barns without any problems.
Our uniquely designed tranmission box and GERMAN made gearbox reduces the time of mixing and provides you time and fuel saving.
Double augers that are placed at the bottom of the machine prepares the feed ratio homogeneously and faster than other brands.
Specially designed round and flower type blades are perfectly placed on each auger and cut all the materials inside easily and fast.

AgriMono “DOUBLE HORIZONTAL AUGERS” Feeder Mixers capacity starting from 4 m3 and goes up to 24 m3.
AgriMono Feeder  Mixers have following optional features;  Weighing Scale, Discharge Conveyor Belt, Self Hydraulic Unit, Rear Loader Bucket, Electronic Command Unit.

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►3 m³ – 4 m3 – 5 m³ – 6 m³ Horizontal Feed Mixer Wagon

Technical Specifications

3 m³ – 4 m3 – 5 m³ – 6 m³ Horizontal Feed Mixer Wagon