By it’s angled design the delivery trailer can go under it.By that way you can discharge the feed inside the delivery trailer directly without need a conveyor belt.That means you don’t have to invest also for a delivery belt.Discharging the feed directly to trailer’s another advantage is preventing feed losses while delivering the feed by conveyor belt.Because while delivering the feeds can drop down and can accumulate inside the conveyor belt.

The Agrimono stationary mixer wagon featuring 2 Horizontal augers.
The motor and the planetary gearbox of Agrimono vertical mixing and dosing systems are interconnected and are located under the mixing hopper in a protected position.

Stationary TMR Mixer with Frequency converter give you a total control.  The Control Panel provide extremely precise electrical motor control, speeds can be ramped up and down, and maintained, at speeds required; doing so utilizes only the energy required, rather than having a motor run at constant (fixed) speed and utilizing an excess of energy. LESS ENERGY MORE POWER.

Special Design of Auger and Blades allow to have a perfect cut and mixing. Cutting action neans less pressure on the mix and improved feed ration for your animals. Less Friction resultd in reduced power consuption, Which translates to lower operating costs. PERFECT BLADES PERFECT CUT.

The Stationary Horizontal Feed Mixers Models are Starting from 20 m³ Up to 50 m³.
Available with 380-400 Volt ( 3 Phase ) Electric Energy.
Very low operation timing. The Stationary Feed Mixer are designed For Minimise the time of Feed preparation and for a perfect mixing. HOMOGENEOUS MIXTURE.


Discharge Dorr under the machine, Allow an easy discharge.

AgriMono Feeder  Mixers have following optional features;  Weighing Scale, , Self Hydraulic Unit, Electronic Command Unit.

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► 20 – 50 m3 Stationary Feed Mixer

Technical Specifications

20 – 50 m3 Stationary Feed Mixer