Technical Properities



KGS 10

Volume m3




Empty Weight kg 1600 2600 3100
Total Sizes Lenght mm 4600 5600 6800
Width mm 2000 1950 2150
Height mm 1650 2250 2520
Height of the case from the floor mm 650 900 950
Tyre trace width mm 1720 1650 1650
Case Size mm 1350 x 2600 x 800 1750 x 3000 x 1000 1750 x 4500 x 1300
Auger System Double large spreader Double large spreader Double large spreader
Action System Bottom Chain by
Augers by tractor PTO
Bottom Chain by
Augers by tractor PTO
Bottom Chain by
Augers by tractor PTO
PTO Rev./min. 540 540 540
Required Power hp 30 – 50 60 – 90 80 – 120
Hydraulic Source Tractor Tractor Tractor
Tyre sizes 10,5/75-15,3 11,5*80-15,3 12PR 400*60-15,5 IMP 16 PR
Axle Single Single Tandem
Type Auger Auger Auger
Quanity piece 2 2 2
Auger Diametre mm 570 840 840
Auger Height mm 860 1150 1150
Revolution 1/min. 750 750 750
Auger Speed m/s 14.70 14.70 14.70

Used as powerful and reliable manure, compost and lime spreader:

– Ideal for spreading materials with different consistency.
– Large spread widths up to 24.0 m with a constant distribution.
– exact dosing by the hydraulically dividing wall Used as voluminous feed distributing trailer and for charging of biogas stations.
– Through the interface of the disc spreading unit a cross conveyor belt can be assembled quickly and easily.
– With the hydraulic drive throw distances up to 3.0 m will be realized.
– The capacity between moving floor and cross conveyor belt is optimally Used as powerful and cost efficiently Silage Trailer.
– The mechanically moving floor drive realize reloading performances less than one minute.
– As variant with distributing equipment a constant good depositing rack on silos is possible.
– The refitting by lifting machines happened in a short time.

Fine Shredding
Large diameter beaters generate a high tip speed to ensure a fine shredding action is achieved. A stepless auger with a shallow pitch ensures that material is well mixed and shredded before it is thrown from the machine

Even Coverage
Whether spreading fresh, well rotted or semi-solid farmyard manure, poultry litter, compost or waste products, deliver an even, fine and wide spread pattern.

High Work Rates
Tall beaters deliver massive output for high work rates.

Quality Finish
Prior to finishing with a 2 pack paint system, all components are shot blasted to ensure that they are clean and provide the best possible keying surface for the paint. All seams are continuously welded or sealed to protect against corrosion.

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► Capacity 3-5-10 m³

Technical Specifications

3-5-10 m³ Solid Manure Spreaders / Muck Spreader