AgriMono Livestock scales are used principally for weighing live animals, in particular large ones, and must therefore meet a number of specific requirements.
AgriMono Livestock Scales are made from high-quality and easy-to-clean materials for reasons of hygiene.
Stainless steel body material used for AgrMono Livestock Scales.
Livestock scales are as close to the ground as possible to minimise the risk of animals tripping and injuring themselves.
The load cells are protected against sudden impacts
AgriMono Livestock Scales are the most accurate and reliable on the market.

AgirMono Animal Scales are equipped  with bright LED Screen  and internal Li-Ion battery.
100 cm  x 200 cm and 120 x 240
For Cows, Bulls, Cattles, Calf, Sheep Etc..
Loading Capacity : 2000 Kg
5 different transport equipment option

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