► Automatic Bale Stacker BTM84

Technical Specifications

Automatic Bale Stacker BTM84

Automatic Bale Loader & Stacker BTM84

  • Fully independent hydraulic system.
  • Rapid movements. Easy, simple loading and unloading.
  • Reinforced, highly-resistant tines on the mobile carriage to ensure stability during unloading.
  • Simple, rapid and safe unloading of part loads.
  • Easy, intuitive handling, without the need for previous experience.
  • Floating, single-turn, pick-up.
  • One operator can carry out the whole process.

Its low-pressure, wide, floatation wheels guarantee great stability and adaptability on all types of terrain. Particularly useful for working on humid and sandy terrain

Stacking bales.
Efficient, safe and reliable.

  • The leader in technology, safety and work control.
  • Adaptable to all small bale types and bale sizes and to the different types of forage on the market.
  • Easy, intuitive handling. One operator can carry out the whole process.
  • High speed, well-designed and equipped to work at high speeds. More work cycles in the same total working time.
  • Smooth operations, smooth start, gradual acceleration when setting off and progressive slow down at the end of the working cycle
  • Simple and functional, absolute control and extensive safety features.
  • Equipped with intelligent and independent heavy duty tines.
  • Part or half unloads easy, fast and secure.
  • Removes the distances between piles even operating with high density bales.
  • Designed and equipped to work at high speeds.
  • Reduction of the length of the transport intervals between loading and unloading. More working cycles in the same total running time.
  • Better adaptation to all types of terrain, ensuring more stable loads (guaranteed stacking quality).
  • The wheels do not lose contact with the ground. Minimized risk of rollovers on slopes.
  • Wheels are easy to change when replacements are required.
  • Less work for the tractor, with the corresponding fuel saving.