Milk’nRoll focuses on innovative solutions for sustainable and healthy calf rearing in your fanns.
The advanced driving option provides 360° navigation at an adjustable speedwith joystick control. While the simple driving option allows only forward and reverse steplesslyvariable movement.

Milk’n’Roll Mobile is equipped with LED headlight and sidelights. It offers a wide field of view to the user in lowlight conditions. LED lightings on both sides illuminate your working area.Your calves can behandled more efficiently and comfortably than ever before.
In both driving options, rabbit and turtle speed modes can be selected.

For the sake of robustness and longevity, Milk’nRoll Mobile is manufactured from high-grade materials. AU Milk’nRoll Mobile components. such as pump. electrical motors. electronic equipment are designed and developed to withstand tough environmental conditions.
High-quality stainless-steelsurfaces are durable and easy to clean.

The user-oriented design guarantees, easy maintenance and therefore trouble-free operation.

Milk’nRoll Mobile on a powerful4-wheel chassis with balanced center of gravity is extremely stable and sturdy. The combination of highground clearance and large          front wheels ensures safe driving even on rough terrains.

The wide lid structure enables filling and flushing the tank with great ease,

moreover it is also secured with torque hinges against injuries caused by the lid falling.

The lid is equipped with adjustable toggle latches to prevent spilling of milk in the tank during transportation.
The three-axis swivel armeasily adjusts the height, angle and distance of the dispensing handle relative to the teat bucket. This makes the calf feeding process easy, fast and practical


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Technical Specifications

Calf Feeding Trolley