Double Chop forage harvester is used for harvesting every kind of green fodder and grass in order to make silage.
The rotor that has 36 floating knives, picks the grass and deliver to the auger that feeds the Main Rotor. The rotor cuts the grass for the second time that results with much shorter chopping length considering the standard forage harvesters. This Rotor also blows the chopped pieces through the chute in order to load them in to the trailer.
The floating knives are specially designed in order to prevent the damage to the machine when they hit a hard material like stones in the field.

– The machine is used by hitching to the tractor hitch.
– Hydraulic control for chute and deflector direction.
– Durable and specially designed knives
– Fast maintenance and repair due to easy to open Rotor cover.

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Technical Specifications

Double Chop Forage Harvester