The district of İzmir has two larger towns which have their own municipality. These are; İzmir center and the depending township of Gökçen.

The municipality of İzmir center is one of the oldest in Turkey, having been established in 1864, coming the ninth across the country in terms of its anteriority, and has today 16 urban wards, while Gökçen has three.

The district counts 64 villages in all, mostly isolated settlements in the surrounding mountains or amid forests. Nearest Sea side is Kuşadasi. The City is Popular with Fig, Walnut and Olive Oil Production.

Also Popular in the region with Orange, Lemon, Peach, Mandarin, Apple, Kiwi, Strawberry, Pear etc… Very rich with Agriculture fields with production of Tomato, Maize, Cotton, Onion Pepper etc… The City Have own Fresh Fruits and vegetable Bazaar from the region. All the Fruits and Vegetables Production are ORGANIC.

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