Our super soft liners are specially designed and manufactured to ensure high performance with exceptional milking characteristics, low slip levels and excellent durability.

The choice of material is critical when producing liners. It have decades of experience in designing liners, all of which have been rigorously tested in scientific trials. Our current formula is a combination of all the best results. We have created an unique liner to fit ALL cows.

The presence of multiple rings minimizes intrusions of external agents inside the case and avoids twisting on the central body of the teats. It also allows the adjustment of the sheath tension based on the length of the case and the loss of elasticity of the rubber.

The groove on the milk tube facilitates the collapse of the rubber walls for a precise closure of the pneumatic vacuum.

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Milking Liner Tool, Teat Cup Silicone Rubber, Milker Claw Liners For Cow Milking Machine Accessories Tools Manual Cow Goat Spare Parts Kit.


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Milking Liner and Spare Parts