•  Potato Harvester was designed for sifting and surfacing ripe potatoes in planted furrows without damaging the potatoes in the way most suitable to soil conditions.
  •  It harvests two planted furrows simultaneously.
  •  It can operate in all kinds of soil conditions (Dry, Wet, Heavy Soil).
  •  It is more effective in heavy soil conditions (Wet-Muddy Soil)
  •  Sift rod distances can be adjusted to be denser or sparser as desired.
  •  Receiving blade (shovel) made of a special heat-treated steel are resistant against wearing.
  •  It is easy to use with a low rate of breakdown.
Length :   2750 mm
Width :   1715 mm
Height :   1360 mm
Weight :   836 kg
Connection Type :   Three Point Hitch System (Category II)


Number of Working Rows :   2 Rows
Tractor Power :   55 – 65 HP
Powered by :   Tractor Power Take-Off
Sifting Type :   Front Scattering Shaker Mechanism, Sift Pallet And Shaker Sift Unit
Hardness Of Digger Blade :   46 – 50 HRC
Row Distance :   700 – 750 mm
Number Of Cutter Disks :   2 Pcs
Working Width :   1360 mm
Working Depth :   250 mm
Pallet Sifting Area :   0.62 m2
Shaker Sifting Area :   1.70 m2
Capacity :   2.3 da/h


The machine is connected to a tractor through a three-point hitch mechanism. The driveshaft is connected to the power take-off a tractor. Diving distance of the front cutter discs and depth of the carriage setting wheel are adjusted according to soil conditions. Planted furrows are cut by cutter discs and taken inside the machine by the receiving blade (shovel). The soil received is scattered by the front scattering shaker mechanism and conveyed to the pallet unit. Continuing to be sifted on the rolling pallet, the soil is poured into the sifting unit after a certain height. The sifting unit uses oscillations and shaking movements to separate the soil from potatoes and drop it under the sift. Potatoes purged of soil are left on the soil surface behind the machine in a neat way.

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► Potato Harvester Light Soil

Technical Specifications

Potato Harvester Light Soil