Rotary tedder is designed for spreading freshly mown grass or scour lightly dried hay, in order to speed up the drying process. Rotary Tedder evenly spreads and rolls the material without destroying. It also deprives the material of the earth, peat, so that in the final stage received feed is free from contaminants.

Haymaking is a very delicate process and it is usually linked to tight work time. Forage farming requires strong and user-friendly tools for everyday use and under difficult conditions. The tedders made by Terra Implements, a Damilano Group division, guarantee optimal performance combined with great reliability.

The Rotary tedder are characterized by high operating comfort and high work efficiency. We offer models with working widths from 4.7 m to 12.0 m. The high purity of the collected fodder affects the customers’ satisfaction with the hay tedders. It is ensured by a close distance between the wheels and the working fingers for perfect adaptation to the ground. For maximum turf protection, the front support wheel can also be fitted, which is particularly useful on hilly terrain. In addition, the hay tedders are equipped with a hydraulically unfolded screen to eliminate the loss saof green fodder during tedding at the edge of the field, and the small diameter of the carousels and the stability of the working fingers guarantee that the entire swath is picked up even when tedding on the mower path without the use of a crusher. The long service life is ensured by the robust, hermetic design of all oil hay tedder gearboxes. The suspension system is equipped with a mechanism that puts the machine in a central position when lifting. Tension on the shock absorbers provides additional support.

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Technical Specifications

Rotary Tedder