2-rotor rotary rakes Setting carousels near the central drawbar results in single row delivery, extending them outside makes two rows. New generation, gearbox with strenghtened, connecting-rods has been applied.

Rotary rakes produce fluffy, well-formed windrows to help you dry your hay faster. This allows you to harvest your crops at their peak nutritional value with less reliance on the weather. Long, flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and depositing it neatly into the windrow. The gentle raking action ensures that the leaves remain intact for maximum quality.

semi-mounted rotary rakes are the answer to increase raking capacity and maintaining high-quality raking. These rakes include all of the main features of a larger, commercial-style rake, while being offered at a very attractive feature/price ratio. With a wide range of adjustable working widths you can easily find the right fit for your operation. The design of the double-curved tine arms, and tine angle provide you with the perfect formation of windrows for future harvest.

*Clean fodder and turf protection
* Tine-arm shape with its layout at the rotor has a great impact on windrow forming
* Precise and clean material pick-up thanks to the shape and profile of the tines
* Tandem chassis ensures ideal ground following
* Great range of ground following
* Mechanical lock for transport and headlands
* The machine follows the tractor’s track.
* Wide, rear wheels allow stability during transport.
* Proven design

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Technical Specifications

Twin Rotor Rake